Barbell with fixed weight eliminates the need to spend time replacing the weight plates and worry about loose of weight plates for a more stable and safer workout. The polyurethane barbell, made of alloy steel, is fully pressed into each solid steel head and then welded to the outside for maximum strength to avoid damage and secondary repairs. The heads are wrapped by a maximum 8mm thick polyurethane layer for shock absorption and impact resistance, better protecting the floor and surrounding equipment. Medium grade knurling on grip surface is designed to improve grip and comfort, so you can grip firmly even if your palms get sweaty during workouts. With hard chrome coating treatment, high corrosion resistance and durability, its crank design can do bending exercises and is more conducive to triceps exercise.



This polyurethane dumbbell is made of alloy steel that is completely pressed into each solid steel head and welded onto the outside for maximum strength. This avoids damage and any needed secondary maintenance. This fixed weight dumbbell is covenant because you do not need to spend the time to place them back into the holder. You do not need to worry about them being loose and you can exercise more stably and safely. The heads are wrapped with a polyurethane layer of 8mm, are shock absorbent, and impact resistant. It better protects the floor and surrounding equipment.There is a medium level knurling design on the surface of the grip that improves grip and comfort. Even if the palms of your hands are sweaty during exercise, you can still firmly hold these dumbbells. The dumbbell’s hard chrome treatment is not only beautiful but also corrosion resistant. They are durable and a good choice for commercial or household use.

Technical Parameters

Brand Livepro
Color Black

solid steel head, polyurethane layer wrapped

Weight range 10-30kg
Grip length 900mm
Grip diameter 32mm

Product Features

1.Accuracy and diversity

The weight range of the barbell ranges from 10kg-30kg, a sign of quality and durability. Each solid steel dumbbell head is precisely calculated, cut and drilled with a weight tolerance of +/- 2%.

2.High quality polyurethane

With high quality polyurethane material, its matte grain surface looks very textured. They have wear-resistant and anti-drop properties, high stability, no odor, not easy to fade, break, peel, rub off or degrade in long time use.

3.Alloy steel grip

These barbell grips are made of high-strength alloy steel, heat-treated for strength, and then coated with a durable hard chrome coating that won’t flake off and cause rusting. The grip has medium strength diamond knurling, enough to provide solid grip friction without being too abrasive to the hand.

4.Sturdy barbell

The grip is fully pressed into each head and then fully welded on the outside for the most durable integrity construction, leaving no room for looseness or breakage. Each head is chamfered to eliminate impact forces between the steel and polyurethane material for longer lasting impact resistance.

5.Anti-roll design

12-sided anti-roll design on the head is designed for safer placement.


Its head is wrapped with urethane, protecting barbell core, floor, and other surrounding products.

7.Logo and Warranty

Logo and weight are permanently engraved on each barbell head and will not wear out with a full 2-year commercial warranty against damage.

8.Various scenes

This basic fitness equipment is suitable for a variety of training scenarios, such as full body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT workouts, making it a smart investment for the gym.