This sturdy and durable storage basket is a very stylish storage solution to keep your gym neat and organized and avoid cluttering your training area. The flip lid is made of 4mm diameter steel wire edge with shock absorbing material to make it more silent. With 130cm long, 70cm wide and 81cm deep, it has a large enough storage space to accommodate such as resistance tubes, boxing gloves, gym balls, etc. The four corners assembled with universal wheels, can easily move and is very convenient.

With grid structure, it can easily view the contents

Storage basket with a sturdy grid structure, you can easily view the internal equipment, without wasting time looking

Practical universal wheels

The four corners are equipped with practical universal wheels that can be easily turned in any direction, making it easy to move around on a daily basis

Large capacity

With 130cm long, 70cm wide and 81cm deep, it has enough space capacity to accommodate functional training gadgets and equipment at the same time

Bottom reinforcement

Bottom plus four 40 x 20cm tubes strengthens the fall load-bearing, which is more solid

Sturdy steel

Made of Sturdy steel, it is treated by spraying on the surface with beautiful texture

Logo and warranty

Both sides of the fashion hollow logo will not wear out with a full 2-year commercial warranty against damage

Suitable for a variety of training scenarios

It is suitable for functional training gadget storage and is a smart investment for gyms, gyms and clubs

Technical Parameters

Brand: Livepro

Color: black + blue

Material: steel

Weight: 43kg

Size: 130×70×81cm

Wire mesh spacing: 51mm

Universal wheel height: 11cm

Round hole diameter on both sides: 25mm