Multifunctional storage hangers are gym-ready accessories for storing belts, jump ropes, elastic bands and more. Although it is a simple accessory, it not only helps to clean up the training space, but also can effectively improve the efficiency of exercise and help athletes find the required equipment quickly and easily. The hangers are laser cut from 6mm thick Q195 gauge steel and include 10 parallel flat hooks with a 1cm upward tilt at the head of the hook to prevent equipment from rolling off for safer storage.


High-quality steel material

Made of 6mm thick high quality Q195 steel, it is laser cut, which is stable and durable

Black plastic powder coated

Black plastic powder coated increases the feel and texture as well as the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe, which is not easy to rust after high-temperature treatment

Screw reinforces stability

There are four corner of a total of four expansion screws to strengthen the stability

Hook head upward

Hook head is 1cm upward, which is easy to store, prevents rolling fall and is more secure

Logo and warranty

Logo engraved on the steel will not wear out with a full 2-year commercial warranty, against damage

Suitable for a variety of training scenarios

This basic fitness storage device is perfect for commercial gyms and clubs as well as fitness studios and home gyms, making it a smart choice for investors.


Technical Parameters

Brand: Livepro

Color: Black

Material: Q195 steel

Weight: 4.1kg

Product size: 60 × 12.5 × 16.9cm