Durable medicine ball trampoline is made of steel, with 10 adjustable height, each adjustable angle of 6 ° and different angles for different effects of exercise. The side of the trampoline is raised or lowered to form a certain angle with the ground, and the trampoline can be used for training related to medicine ball, which can exercise the core, balance and explosive power. The rebound surface is made of high-quality elastic cloth plus Oxford cloth, and the perimeter is fixed by steel springs, which are elastic enough, strong and durable. Widened and thickened foot pads is more smooth in the training process.

» 10-gear heights and each adjustment angle of 6 °
» High-quality Oxford cloth and elastic cloth
» High-quality spring steel
» Exercise explosive power and core strength
» Base: 1069×984×104mm
» Border bottom pipe mouth: 25×50mm
» Jump bed: 902×902mm, 32 waist drum spring