For many gyms with insufficient storage space for wall balls or medicine balls, Livepro’s wall ball wall rack is the perfect solution for zero space occupation. 6mm thick wall main plate, with 2.5mm thick, 25mm diameter wall ball support round tube, has better load-bearing performance and metal matte surface looks very textured for an overall aesthetically pleasing look. The main plate is fixed to the wall by 6 screws, which is stable and durable.



High-quality steel material

With 3mm thick pipe, with seamless welding technology, it is for extra stability and durability

Black frosting sprayed

The black frosting is sprayed on the surface layer to increase the feel and texture and steel tube corrosion resistance, which is not easy to rust after high temperature treatment

Reinforcement fixed

The main body is fixed by 6 expansion screws and the wall, which is more stable

Logo and warranty

The logo embedded in the side will not wear and tear, with a full 2-year commercial warranty against damage

Suitable for a variety of training scenarios

This basic fitness storage equipment is perfect for commercial gyms and clubs as well as fitness studios and home gyms and is a smart choice for investors.


Technical Parameters

Brand: Livepro

Color: black + blue

Material: steel

Weight: 48kg

Size: 125 × 37.5 × 97.3cm

Main board thickness: 6mm

Support tube diameter: 25mm; wall thickness: 2.5mm