The double-sided medicine ball rack provides a vertical storage solution for up to 10 medicine balls, reducing wasted gym space. With an improved design, it holds balls on both sides, making it easy for trainers to access, in addition to increasing the number of balls stored. The metal frame with a matte black finish looks very textured and it combines an aesthetically pleasing design with high-quality materials for an overall aesthetic look. The wider and thicker base increases the storage capacity and stability.

High-quality steel material

With pipe being 1.5mm thick with seamless welding technology, it is for extra stability and durability

Black frosting sprayed

The black frosting is sprayed on the surface layer to increase the feel and texture and steel tube corrosion resistance, which is not easy to rust after high temperature treatment

Wider base is more stable

Wide A-shaped base is for extra stability

Double-sided storage

Double-sided ball release to increase the number of storage, and it is vertically designed to improve the utilization of space in the gym

Logo and warranty

Logo is affixed to the steel tube and will not wear out, with a full 2-year commercial warranty against damage

Suitable for a variety of training scenarios

This basic fitness storage device is perfect for commercial gyms and clubs as well as fitness studios and home gyms, making it a smart choice for investors

Technical Parameters

Brand: Livepro

Color: Black

Material: steel

Weight: 11.5kg

Pipe size: 40 × 80 × 1.5mm

Product size: 37×56×141cm

Number of products that can be stored: 10