ITEM LP6033 LP6034


The largest weight-bearing platform designed for weightlifting and powerlifting, there are two options for cushioning thickness, 40 and 80mm. The left and right rubber cushioning pads are of a single-piece structure, and the bottom is recycled cotton, which provides stronger cushioning and stronger noise reduction.
The combat area is composed of a 40mm/80mm thick non-slip multi-functional platform. The heavier weight and special treatment on the surface make the entire platform more non-slip.

-40/80mm cushioning thickness
-Durable rubber provides ample cushioning for the landing of the bell plate.
-Huge multifunctional platform provides anti-slip protection.
-Abrasion-resistant, dirt-resistant, water-resistant
-High strength iron frame
-Can bear more than 500kg
-Easy to assemble, with clear and easy-to-understand assembly instructions
-Customizable LOGO

Item Size Thickness
LP6033 2580×2080mm 40mm