The Sorinex Original Frankenhyper was created in 2013 and combines the Glute Ham with a pendulum hip extension. Add plate storage, ball storage and a tab for handles that allow you to increase upper body work capacity, and you have a monster posterior chain training machine that only takes up a fews quare feet of space in your facility.The Frankenhyper allows for the entire rear of the body to be worked through contraction and decompression unlike anything before. The pendulum style weight arm is used for swinging hip extensions and can also be used for upper body movements like rows, face pulls,bicep curls, triceps,pull thru’ s, presses,TKE’ s,YTM’ s. Incorporate abdominal movements in the supine position with integrated med ball storage with in arm sreach.Each Frankenhyper comes standard with bumper weight plate storage and band attachment points.

–Made of high-qual- ity steel pipe
–The bottom 7-position adjustment lever can adjust the flexion angle to meet any exercise needs
–Comfortable cushion
–Height adjustment

–Size: 180L×91W×139H(cm)
–Assembly required